The Art of Pacesetting Leadership

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The Art of Pacesetting Leadership Bundle

Dave Williams is recognized as one of America’s foremost authorities on leadership. In this course, you will learn the proven principles of leadership that will launch your life, ministry, business, or job to higher levels of success. Join him on a journey of discovery as he shares the secrets of developing the heart of an authentic leader.

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  • 16 sessions on DVD
  • 16 audio recordings
  • Updated book with tons of updated materials and illustrations (Hardcover)
  • Student manual
  • Moderator’s manual
  • License for unlimited public viewing
  • Free downloads
  • Coupon for Sudent Manuals

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16 Power Packed DVD Sessions:

1. Qualities of a Master Level Leader: Keys to success 2. Prerequisites for a Master Level Leader: The three legs of leadership
3. Are you Authentic or Synthetic?: God made vs. manmade  4. The Kind of Leader God is Looking For: Discover the truth about the kind of leaders God seeks.
5. Proper Attitudes for Leadership: A renewed mind 6. Renovating Your Mind for Success: Methods for renewing your mind
7. The Dynamic Power of Vision: Looking beyond what you see in the natural 8. Faith Goals: Learn the process of setting and reaching faith goals
9. Distress Signals: Protect your health from distress in leadership 10. How to Teach Motivationally: The responsibilities of speakers
11. Breaking Barriers and Overcoming Obstacle: Successfully navigate commonly found obstacles 12. Getting the Principle of Excellence Working For You: Don't settle for average
13. The True Purpose of the Church: Break the myths, folklore and lies about church organization 14. Authority, Rebellion, and Divine Discipline: Does God allow serious situations to happen?
15. Pitfalls on the Pacesetters Path—Part 1: Avoid self-sabotage and pitfalls of leadership 16. Pitfalls on the Pacesetters Path—Part 2: Avoid self-sabotage and pitfalls of leadership

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anthony yeboahAnthony Yeboah
Missionary to West Africa

Pacesetting Leadership has been a huge blessing. After graduating from Bible school in 1991, I started a Bible school back in Africa which is now a four-year college that has graduated almost 750 pastors. We use Pacesetting Leadership as part of our curriculum. Today we’ve planted more than 300 churches in several African countries. In 2006, I was ordained as bishop over 3,000 pastors in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire. Pacesetting Leadership gave me the vision to accomplish what God called me to do.

john gallinettiJohn Gallinetti
Pastor of Mount Hope Church in Grand Blanc

We started with eight people in my basement in 1988. Today we have 1,100 people and are in a massive building project. I recently finished teaching my twenty-fifth Pacesetting Leadership class. We could not be doing what we’ve done here without the instruction from this course. It is so good. Right thinking is so important, especially when it comes to believers developing their faith. This course sets things right.

norm oberlinNorm Oberlin
Pastor of Mount Hope Church in Gaylord

I think it helps people to realize that they can be a leader. So many of us naturally are put in leadership positions, even as parents, but you don’t think about what that means. This gives you the tools to be a better leader. It has taught us that you have to be a servant and be humble. I’ve been in the ministry for over twenty years full-time and haven’t seen anything out there that equips people as well as Pacesetting Leadership. Three of my boys have gone through the Pacesetting Leadership course and it’s one of the reasons they’re in ministry today. Not only is this material good for adults but also for younger people. It teaches the path to walk on in a good way with clear examples.

kerby rialsKerby Rials
Former missionary to Russia, now ministering in Belgium.

I was the first to translate the Pacesetting Leadership course into Russian. The bishop in the Russian province of Kaliningrad made it required reading for all of their pastors. That was quite a compliment. The thing about Pacesetting Leadership that the Russians and I like is that it’s practical and accessible. It breaks down the elements of leadership into components that are easily understood and grounded in the Bible. It prepares people and pastors to understand what godly leadership is and how to support their leaders. It builds a structure into a church that is essential if a church is going to advance. If you have division, rebellion, or lazy workers, the church will never grow. Pacesetting Leadership addresses all those issues in a positive way with clear examples.

joe robbeJoe Robbe
Pastor of Mount Hope Church Portland

In 1988 when I was halfway through the Pacesetting Leadership course, the call to ministry that had been covered by hurts and wounds rose up with such clarity. The teaching helped me to identify and answer the call. Those two months of teaching cleared up eleven years of uncertainty. It was that life-changing. Pacesetting Leadership is a very down-to-earth, “where the rubber meets the road” teaching for leadership and ministry. It’s relevant and easy to apply. It’s also part of the building block of classes our members go through.


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DW Speaking BWDr. Dave Williams is a teacher, speaker, author, and trainer. He is the founder of The Center for Pacesetting Leadership located in Lansing, Michigan, and designer of the Master V7 Strategy for High Achievement.

He serves as a trainer and coach for church leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-achievers. His relentless three-pronged approach (spiritual, attitudinal, and practical) has helped transform ordinary people into respected and influential executives and leaders.

Dave trains leaders to cultivate their inherent gifts, enhance their professional (or ministry) performance and create the kind of value that attracts members and customers. Dave tenaciously guides these leaders in how to stay connected with the Great Commission.

Dave Williams served as pastor of Mount Hope Church in Lansing, Michigan, for more than thirty years. In that time, Dave trained thousands of ministers through the Mount Hope Bible Training Institute, Dave Williams’ Church Planter’s School, and Dave Williams’ School for Pacesetting Church Leaders.

He is affectionately called, America’s Pacesetting Life Coach.™

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